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Hello my friends!

Book of the day –  The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

These days I am re-reading a book called – The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz which I will strongly recommend you to read.
Book describes really carefully what is important in life and self-growth to live the life full of happiness.

I was inspired to write this post about words, emotions, feelings because I think we are not aware how strong and powerful they are and how much they can affect our lives.

With nice honest words, you can make someone’s life better and you can improve your relationships with friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband but at the same time, you can completely destroy it if you are not using it in a right way.
For example, when I am in a bad mood it’s easy to say something that you don’t actually think and the other person will take it seriously and it can affect your future relationship.

Be careful and learn to control your emotions and the way of communication, first of all, you will not hurt yourself with some negative vibes.

Use this powerful tool (your words) in a right way and to attract good and things that you wish for, in your life.

Stay positive and feed your mind only with a good quality ”food”.

Enjoy your coffee! ☕️

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