Where men wear skirt – EDINBURGH

Where men wear skirt

Hello my friends!

Amazing weekend behind…

Edinburgh, the city of rich history, Harry Potter, cobblestone streets, beautiful old town, friendly people, breathtaking landscapes and much more! In short this is what we have experienced last weekend.

We flew Friday evening and back home Sunday evening, so we had 2 full days to explore Edinburgh.

Saturday morning started the day with yummy breakfast and coffee at Hula juice bar in the heart of the old town. Stunning surroundings and my fav street of Edinburgh – Victoria street. In this area you can find also well know Grass market which during the old days was a place where criminals were hang for their crimes in front of the people. The ritual was to leave people in front of everyone to hang for 30 minutes.

The only person who survived this hanging was Maggie Dickson and today right at the Grassmarket there is a restaurant named after her.

If you are a Harry Potter fan nearby is a graveyard where J.K. Rowling found an inspiration for character names of the well know book and movie.

Dog Bobby

You can find his statue and a lot of restaurants with his name next to Grave yard. Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier who became known in 19th-century  for spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner until he died himself. So amazing how dogs are connected to us and loyal to the end of their lives. Today you can rub the golden noise of his statue to bring you luck.

Edinburgh castle 

We have visited National museum of Scotland and I must say that the experience was incredible! Since it is a free entrance we didn’t expect much, but this museum is seriously one of the best I have seen. You can easly spend 4 hours inside by exploring all the areas of wild life, universe, history of Scotland, design and fashion, etc… So many categories and fun things to do inside for all ages. Definitely check it out if you are planning on visiting Edinburgh. 🙂

Chihuahua café

A little bit crazy experience we had 😀 So you know I am a huge chihuahua lover I admit and when I discover that there is a Chihuahua cafe in Edinburgh I needed to see it, of course! 😀 So in my world that should be a normal cafe with chihuahuas walking around but in this case  it works like this: you have couple of sessions during the day which you have to book in advance or pay at the spot only for entrance, then you get a list of rules before you go in (basically how you should behave) and inside chihuahuas are waiting for you, plus if you want you can get coffee&cake. One session is 50 minutes, our was the last of the dat so dogs went to sleep and we literally payed to watch them sleep. 😀 All in all wast of money since chihuahuas are not extinct species. If you really want to see it I would recommend taking one of the first sessions.

Arthur’s seat

We did memorable hike to Arthur’s seat which is an old volcano of Edinburgh. Since the city is really small and compact it takes approximately 30 minutes walk from the city center. The landscape is amazing and the views from the top are simply stunning! Worth the sweat 😀

Statues for luck

Edinburgh is also know as a city with a lot of statues or traditions which can bring you luck, one of  the funny ones are rubbing the big golden toe of a statue on Royal Mile or spitting in the center of a Heart of Midlothian which is made in the ground also on Royal Mile.


Perfect area for shopping in Edinburgh is Princess street. Here you will find all the stores, shops and interesting stuff to check it out. A lot of amazing street musicians who will make the experience even better.


Enjoy your coffee!


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