Weekend trip to Sarajevo

March month ended spectacularly! Todor and I plus our friends Irma, Sanja, Adnan and Abdul went on a trip to Sarajevo(Bosnia&Herzegovina). What a crew!

We had a great long weekend in Sarajevo and unexpectedly Vienna too!

The trip has started Friday morning with a connection flight Copenhagen-Vienna-Sarajevo, so we arrived in Sarajevo at 14:00 – perfect timing for lunch, right?!

Sarajevo is the capital and the largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mentioning lunch because this trip was mainly all about food, since Bosnia
has the most delicious food! Authentic and well know are of course cevapi (usually made of beef and lamb meat). They taste amazing, so juicy and flavorful. They are served with authentic bread also know in Balkan
region as lepinja with kajmak (dairy spread) and onions.

We had cevapi every single day, but of course also burek (pie made of
meat) and different types of pie (cheese, potato, spinach) which you can
find on each corner while walking through the old town of beautiful
All those smells from homemade food will call you to come in, so that’s what we did! Changing from one restaurant to another to explore all the wonderful food flavors, which of course lead to food coma all day every day. ;D
If you have a sweet tooth as I do, Sarajevo will offer you a great range of delicious cakes. Ones which are authentic, and which you should try are:
baklava, tulumbe, urmasice. tufahije…
My all-time favourite is baklava! It is made of pie crust dipped in sugar and filled with walnuts – OMG heaven!

Of course, don’t forget to try Bosnian coffee. For me, as a coffee lover, this was a perfect experience. Learning the steps how they are making it, a way of serving coffee + steps how you should start drinking it – so much fun!
Aaandd baklava on the side, please I am mouthwatering now! 😀
We had so much fun and everyone was so happy and relaxed since this was our first time traveling together. Irma and Adnan are originally from
Bosnia, so they were our local guides and taking us to the best places in town. Here is what we have visited, and it was more than worth it:

  1. Kibe Mahala restaurant – for nice dining experience.
  2. Park Princeva – for nice dining experience and the best pancakes!
  3. Cable ride – for stunning views over Sarajevo and fresh air on the
  4. Petica and Kod Zelje – for the best cevapi in town
  5. City Pub – great music for nighout
  6. Bascarsija – Sarajevo’s old bazaar and the historical and cultural
    center of the city.
  7. Sebilj – old wooden fountain always surrounded by pigeons ( great
    for some magical shots)
  8. Vijecna vatra (Eternal flame) – a memorial to the military and
    civilian victims of the Second World War in Sarajevo
  9. Latin Bridge – over the river Miljacka. The northern end of the bridge was the site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by Gavrilo Princip in 1914, which became a cause of World War I

Our flight back home was on Sunday Sarajevo – Vienna –
Copenhagen, so when we got to the Vienna airport we could hear that flight is canceled due to a technical error. It was my first time that I experienced this, but we got the Hilton Hotel in the city center
(all paid + transfer both ways) – life is good!

Enjoy your coffee!

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