Top 5 tips – how to stay motivated?

Hello my friends!
What are the things that keeps you motivated? What do you enjoy the most?

Things that I personally love and which make me happy and motivated are at the first place spending time with my loved ones.

Here are some of my top 5 tips how to stay motivated:

1.Set daily goals

Every morning I set a goal of the day, that can be anything  of your daily routine, for example – goal of the day: prepare a new recipe, do 30 squats, clean the house.. and after you accomplish your daily goal you will feel more motivated and excited for tomorrow and all new things that you can accomplish.

2. Music & Dancing
When I am in a bed mood I  just play my  favorite song and turn up the music!!! That will help you to fill your  body and mind with good vibes.

3. Get out of the comfort zone

Every day challenge yourself and do one thing that you have never done before. This helps me to see that I can do more that I think I can. It’s all in your mindset.

4.Small pleasures – treat yourself!

I am really enjoying  in a good cup of coffee and dark chocolate, I fill like in a heaven enjoying the taste of those two. After, I am fulfilled and ready to rock! 😀 Of course, you can find things that you enjoy the most – bag shopping perhaps? (bag obsessed) 🙂

5. Read inspirational books

One of my favourite is Paulo Coelho and Don Miguel Ruiz. I really love their energy. The main thing you can learn from those books is that honestly, everything you can imagine is real and nothing is impossible if you truly want and believe. Law of attraction is something really unspeakable.

Stay motivated and believe in dreams & yourself!

Enjoy your coffee!☕️ 

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