Surprise trip to Helsinki

Hello my friends!
My love and I went last weekend to Helsinki to watch FIBA EURO BASKET! This was a surprise trip for my boyfriend because basketball is a huge part of his life and he is really passionate about it.
I was planning this trip for last two months and I can say that he didn’t even think that it will be connected with Euro basket, in his mind, we were travelling to Italy 😀 Suprise – Checked! 🙂 I release destination when we came to the airport in the morning! 🙂

Our flight was really early so when we came to Helsinki first game was in the evening and a whole day to explore the city. We went to the city center, walked through the main shopping streets and had a lunch. Also, we saw a famous tourist attractions in Helsinki such as Cathedral in Senate Square, market by the sea with a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and tried a wheel ride to see the city from above.
Those views were amazing!

After the exciting ride, we had a delicious cake and coffee with an amazing view in cafe Engel, right in front of the Cathedral.

The second day we had a nice breakfast in the Scandic hotel where we stayed in and tried Finnish Karianlampiraka ( probably it is not written like this) – so yummy! Hotel was amazing, perfect location and also after breakfast, we enjoyed Finnish sauna and pool and then we were ready for the games! 🙂
After last game we went straight to the airport with one important word that we have learned to say in Finnish which is KIITOS – THANK YOU! 🙂

Enjoy your coffee!☕️

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