Sunday brunch

Hello my friends!

Here is the little update … My bestie is in town! 😍  She came on Friday and we will enjoy fairy tale city few days together.

This late morning we went to the city for a brunch in cozy cafe Stella. We went for a stroll around the city and today I can say it was a first real winter day, sooo I decided to wear my cozy teddy bear (or sheep :D) jacket!  🙂 It is so warm and fluffy like you are walking around in a blanket.

We were enjoying great food and nice service with a real hygge Christmas atmosphere.

Previously we have agreed to meet my boyfriend at brunch because he needed to go to do some shopping (some men’s stuff he said and gift for his parents),OK 😀
While Ivana (my bestie) and I were talking, Todor suddenly appeared in front of the cafe with a nice new bike!  My first bike! 🙂
No words to describe how he surprised me and how happy I am! Still can’t believe I have a bike 😀

Wish you a happy and a successful week! 🙂

Enjoy your coffee! ☕️

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