Strollin’ around the city

Hello my friends!

Hope you are having a great weekend! 🙂 My love and I had a super fun time in the city today…

We went to Ofelia plads to watch Red Bull cliff diving! Wow! What an amazing discipline! We saw really amazing and breathtaking jumps from 27m height from Opera house rooftop here in Copenhagen. Those guys are so brave, coming from different places in the world and together traveling around the world and experiencing unique surroundings where they do the jumps! From warm 28 °C water temperature to  freezing cold 8°C! Great job maestros!

We walked trough our beautiful Nyhavn to test our new camera and when in Nyhavn we needed to stop for our favourite ice cream. The best in the city you can find in Vaffelbageren where they do homemade ice cream and cone. So delicious! Love it!


So just enjoyed our ice cream, each others company  and beautiful views of the area. Grateful to be part of this amazing city!

Always try to find something beautiful especially in everyday life, those little things that we all know but maybe we are not aware enough. Practice gratefulness every day and think positive. I definitely believe in one ,,What we think is what we become”.

Wish you a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy your coffee!


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