Ready for the SUMMER?

Hello my friends!

Summer is here and I must say  I am very happy because of that! 🙂
I am born in the middle of Summer – 12 of July and I really enjoy warm days but especially nights.
The smell of a Summer night and a sunkissed tan – love it! You know what I am talking about. 😉

I am living in Copenhagen and the Summer here is not really the same as in Belgrade (my home town) where temperatures goes up to 40 Celsius and where you can really smell the Summer night.
In Copenhagen max. temperature is around 27 and even then, there is still fresh wind from the sea.

These days the weather is amazing and perfect for biking or relaxing by the sea. Days are really long so you can enjoy the sunset almost at 22:3oh.
Our routines are changing as the seasons, but I am always trying to keep it simple.

Products which I am using on a daily basis are enough to make you look fresh and glowy.

Face mask

We need to feed our skin and the best way for that is to find your perfect face mask. I am using the Loreal pure clay mask for combined to oily skin. This mask is great for me, it is like a vacuum cleaner for the face, haha. After 15 minutes my skin feels like a baby but and sooo clean! It is enough to use it 2-3 times per week and definitely, you can see the difference.


Face spray

I recently discovered this one from Sephora and it is so good! I am impressed! I actually, never believed in this kind of ”sprays” like setting spray, refreshing.. blah blah  I thought they are just nicely packed water 😀 so why to spend so much money on water? Obviously, I was wrong and this spray smells really fresh, like a mint and lime and I am using it on a clean skin to wake me up before the makeup in the morning or as a setting spray for makeup. Since I have oily skin this product is the only one which helps me stay mat all day.



During the summer time the only thing which is a must is a mascara! Everything else is up to you, but mascara always gives that final touch and complete the look.

I am currently using the Essence False Lashes and I love it! Essence brand, in my opinion, has really good and affordable mascara. I am really picky when I am buying a mascara because basically I don’t have lashes and they go really straight. That’s why curler is a Summer must too! It is such a difference when I curl my lashes first and the apply the mascara.



I have really dry lips even during the Summer time. Luckily I finally found a perfect product for me – Sephora honey lip scrub. This stuff is perfect to wear alone or as a primer for your favourite lipstick. My summer essentials are Nude Mac lipstic in colour Velvet Teddy. I am using it with my favourite lip liner from Max Factor in number 6 Mauve Moment.


Bronze & Glow

What else to do during the Summer? Put a highlighter on and shine bright like a diamond! 😉

If you want to have a radiant skin the most important thing is to be satisfied with yourself and to be happy.  If you are not aware how beautiful you are grab a mirror next to you and say that to yourself. There are no imperfections – they are perfections. Sometimes we are trying too much to follow some trends some beauty role models but forget about that and be grateful for what you have and happy in your own skin.
The kindness from your personality will glow more than any highlighter or bronzer.


Don’t forget perfume

If you don’t like wearing any makeup during the Summer, one is for all – a good perfume!
Nothing feels better than a fresh shower after a long warm day at the beach and looking at the mirror and saying – Wow how tanned I am! Right? 🙂
Choosing your perfect outfit for the night and like a strawberry on the top – putting on your favourite perfume and the smell of the night.
My all time favourite is Channel Chance. It is really fresh and not heavy.
For Summer choose something  light which smells like clean fresh flower ( let me say like that 😀 ).

Get ready for the Summer and always…

Enjoy your coffee! ☕️

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