Prague the city of magic

Hello my friends!

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post. Vacation time is over and in the following days I will write about all the places we have visited.

My love and I started our vacation in beautiful city of Prague. It’s my 3rd time here and I was still impressed by all the magical places we saw.My first time in Prague was actually with my love while we were still best friends in high school trip. 🙂

We spent 2 amazing days, walking trough the city, using hop on hop off tours and cruising. I would definitely recommend  taking the hop on hop off tours because you will able to see all the main tourist attractions in only few hours or in at least 2 days which is more relaxed way, because then you can take combination with a boat and see the city from different angle.

We decided to take combo with the boat and decision was the best ever. Cruising down the Vltava river and passing below Charles’s bridge was a memorable experience.

Definitely visit old town and Prague castle! If you have time use the whole day to explore magnificent castle build on the hill over the city which gives you breathtaking views, perfect for photography lovers!

The castle is the biggest castle IN THE WORLD covering 45 hectares which is the reason why is contained in the Guinness Book of Records.

My favourite part of Prague is Charles Bridge. It’s so special, full of art and charming views and of course full of people. The bridge  has 30 statues which makes him so unique and the legend says if you pet the golden dog which is represented on the one of the statues you will definitely come back to Prague again. The Charles bridge is under Unesco’s World Heritage.

If you want to taste the most delicious traditional Czech food my recommendation is restaurant Mlejnice, really close to the city center (approximately 5 minutes walking) also for a dessert time try Trdelnik which is pastry filled with ice cream, fruits, whipped cream, so good! Of course not forget Czech beer, my favourite is dark one. If you usually don’t drink beer as I, give a  chance to this one especially with goulasch!

Additionaly: For amazing views of the city with your morning coffee check out the balcony of Hotel U Prince.


Enjoy your coffee!


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