Places I’ve visited in 2017.

Hello my friends!

Is there anyone who doesn’t love traveling? I don’t think so! 🙂
Traveling is something that I wish I could live from! It makes me so happy and I love finding so much inspiration on each destination. It makes your mind and soul grow.

Last year I’ve visited few beautiful countries, 2017. started with the trip to Spain, my favourite country! Such a beautiful language, music and climate you can experience there. Of course beautiful cities, beaches and delicious churros! How not to love Spain!?

We have visited Alicante as our main destination, but we also took a road trip to Madrid, Valencia and Benidorm.

Weekend trips to my hometown are my favourite. Catching up with my friends and precious moments with my family.
Definetly you must visit it! You’ll meet amazing people, see beautiful sights, taste delicious food and you’ll have the best nigh out!

We have also visited two cities in Sweden. Helsinborg and Malmø
Tourning Torso in Malmo
Beautiful sunset
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Summer time in Montenegro.


I have visited Bosina and Hercegovina last year for the first time with my mum. 🙂 We had such a great time in etni village Stanisici in Bijeljina.
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Aaaaand surprise trip for my love! Helsinki – Eurobasket 2017!
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Wish you all a lot of amazing and inspiring trips this year! Let’s cross out all of the places on our bucket list for this year!

Enjoy your coffee! ☕️

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