How to pack light for travel?

Hello my friends!

I am really excited because I am getting ready for the trip to Spain tomorrow! 🙂
My love and I are travelling to Alicante and Malaga for 7 days and I need to start packing ASAP! 😀 Therefore I decided to share with you how to pack light but still have all you need and look stylish and gorgeous!

TIP nr. 1

Check the forecast and select all the clothes from your wardrobe that you would like to take with you, including shoes and accessories.
Make your bed so you can throw everything on it. That’s how you will see all nicely.

TIP nr. 2

Always wear the ,,heaviest” clothes on the day of the trip. That’s how you will save extra space in your suitcase. 🙂

TIP nr. 3

Have a look on the fashion magazines or scroll trough the social media to see the cute places for taking photos and get inspired with outfits ideas.

TIP nr. 4

Now when you have all your selected clothes on the bad try to make the outfits for each day. You will not spend extra time each day thinking of what to wear and more importantly you will  not over pack.

TIP nr. 5

I always selected the outfits and than take the pictures so I have them on my phone and I know what I will be wearing. Of course you can play with the details at the destination and depending on your feeling that day. Nothing is fixed but it’s good to have an overview and idea of how you would like to look like. 🙂

Hope this was helpful.  Write in the comments how you usually pack and are you like me last minute packing person? 😀

Enjoy your coffee! ☕

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