Life update & something’s cooking!?

Hello my friends!

It’s been a while since I was writing, so let’s highlight previous couple of weeks 🙂

It has been a nice period,my family have visited us in Copenhagen and we spent amazing two weeks enjoying our lovely city and all the Christmas season treats,lovely Christmas markets and beautiful decorations. We had a real Hygge time together which is the most precious thing 😍 We should all be grateful for our loved ones and try to make the most of moments we spend together. 🙂
I have also recently completed Modul 4 out of 5 in Danish language school sooo Jeg kan snaga dansk!💁🏽‍♀️ Feels amazing to understand more and more this tricky language and to be closer to the danish culture. 🙂
One BIG project that my love and I are working on is soon going to be live so STAY TUNED something amazing is coming soon! I’ll be sharing more with you in the next couple of weeks! 🥰 So excited!!!
Today I am in my hometown Belgrade enjoying the winter vacation with family and friends, checking out all the amazing sales, finishing some Christmas shopping and tasting all the amazing coffee of Belgrade coffee shops ☕️
Next post will be dedicated to a coffee guide in Belgrade – STAY TUNED 🙂

Enjoy your coffee!

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