Life as a new mum

Hello my friends!

20 days ago I became a mother – feels so surreal to write/say this out loud! 🙂 We welcomed our baby girl Tara who made us the happiest in the whole world! That moment when she arrived will always be so precious and a life long memory.

We could totally relate now to all parents and the famous saying that the feeling can’t be describe, you need to experience it yourself. 🙂

Here are some of the questions I got on Instagram, related to ,, freshly baked mum” topic:

  1. How was the delivery experience? Really tough and magical at the same time. It is amazing what women’s body is capable for and I am really grateful for that. It went all natural and without any medication, so it took us some time to meet our baby girl. Thankfully all went good for both of us and the moment when she came out we will remember forever.
  2. How do you feel, is recovering process going well? I am feeling amazing! Right after birth I was super exhausted and I had sore muscles 2-3 days after with some rich bleeding, which is super normal. After that body did its own job and everything came back to normal pretty fast.
  3. First night with the baby? Surreal! 🙂 Looking at her and thinking OMG this is our little daughter, we made her… and now WHAT? hahaha no user manual for parenting.
  4. What did it change? Everything! We have now our own little family! Our lives makes much more sense now and currently living by her schedule and requests which is eat – sleep – poop – repeat 😀 She is so adorable and we are enjoying every moment.
  5. Can you get some sleep? Yes and I am so thankful for that. She is waking up 2 to 3 times during the night to eat. Right after breastfeeding I go back to sleep too, so we both catch approximately 3 hours in a row. If I am tired during the day then I will sleep when she is sleeping and that is definitely the best to do so I am awake and fresh when she is.
  6. How it feels to be a parent? Amazing! Having a little human being who is half me half Todor is incredible! She is changing every day and it is amazing to watch her grow and develop her own routines. 🙂
  7. Are you breastfeeding and if yes is it going well for both you and the baby? Yes I am, also really grateful for that. I really wanted to breastfeed because I believe it is the healthiest, easiest and cheapest way to feed your baby. From the moment she was born she searched for the boob :D, so our nursing journey started right away. It wasn’t painful for me, just a little bit uncomfortable until the milk started flowing which was 3/4 days after birth.
  8. Now when you are a parent, did you change your opinion about it? Honestly I haven’t thought about it that much before. I always new it will be nice since I have the love of my life by my side, who has always been my biggest support and now he is the best dad in the world. Tara completed us and the love is unconditional.
  9. Your current favourite thing about being a parent? Her sleeping on my chest, our little walks, tummy time and our morning cuddles. 🙂

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