Knedle sa sljivama/ Balkan recipe

Hello my friends!

This recipe is well known in Balkan countries, it is not really healthy but it’s so good! The original name is Knedle sa sljivama ( Knedla is a ball made of potatoes and flour with plum inside).

We love to eat them and they are one of my boyfriend’s favorites. 🙂

Ingredients for the dough:
10-15 plums
Potatoe 500g
Flour 250g
2 egg yolks
Butter 80g
Pinch of salt

Start with cooking the potatoes, because it takes time for them to be ready and well cooked.
You can peel them before or when they are cooked, it’s up to you. 🙂
When potatoes are cooked, leave them to cool down, then add a pinch of salt, butter, egg yolks and start making a dough, while slowly adding flour to the mixture.

You will know that the dough is ready when the mixture is not sticky to your fingers
( be careful while adding the flour because you don’t want them to be very hard).
They should melt in your mouth!

When you have a dough ready start creating balls and in each of them add a plum( whole or half, depends on the size) in the middle and cover it with the rest of the dough while creating a nice round ball.

When the little balls are ready- throw them in a large pot with a boiling water. Leave them to cook for a few minutes, you will know that they are ready when they start floating on the top of the water. 🙂

Before serving, prepare a mixture in a pan with bread crumbs, butter, and sugar on a very low heat. Stir them for a few minutes, but don’t let sugar to be caramelized.
Roll knedle in this mixture to be nicely covered and VOILA – THEY ARE READY! 🙂 

It is important to cut them in the middle when you start eating because the plum should be right there in the center. 😉

Try it out and let me know how you like it?

Enjoy your coffee! ☕️

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