Fresh and positive start

Hello my friends!

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had an amazing time during the holidays!
It has been already 5 days since 2018. Started and I had a really nice and fresh start.
For a NY´s eve I was in Belgrade with my mum and my dear Angelina. We had a house party so we were able to feel cozy and warm and to go to bad at any time, which was amazing! A lot of nice food, drinks and good energy!

I believe you have already set your goals for 2018. But in case you didn’t here are some of mine tips how to start this year with a fresh and positive mind and how to achieve everything you ever dreamed about.

1.Reflect on previous year

Make a list of all great stuff you experience last year or even better go through your social media and look at your pictures and places you’ve been and all the moments and memories you’ve made, if you are the more visual type of person as I am. 😊


You heard about this 1000 times but it is really important to always remind ourselves how fortunate we are for all the things, experiences and people that we have in our lives.
Start with practicing gratefulness every day, in the morning or evening just think or write own at least one thing for what you are grateful that day. Whatever comes first on your mind, even if it’s just a thought of first morning coffee. Be grateful for that moment and opportunity to really enjoy it.
When we are grateful we are truly happy every single day.


We are all living a busy life and having a full-time schedule, but it is really important to learn to have a moment for yourself and take time to just breathe. In this year let’s try together to be even more present and to really enjoy the moment, the smell, the air, the Sun on our skin, time with our loved ones and time with our best friend – our self. Don’t take things for granted and enjoy every day of your  life!

4. Dream BIG & set goals

Dream BIG dreams don’t limit yourself in dreaming only because of the current situation.
Dream about travelling somewhere far, dream about something BIG that you would like to have in the future and visualize it.
When you find out what are your dreams about sit down and set the goals which will help you achieve them! Set by step working on them and every day you’ll be closer to start living your dreams!

5. Make a vision board & BELIEVE

Since I am a visual type I always like to see things, especially I love looking at the nice inspiring photos. That’s one of the things how I find inspiration and motivation, so why not to collect all the beautiful pictures that you like, with the places and things you love and put them all together on a vision board.

I had already one and these days I am working on a new one for this year! This tool is so powerful, believe me! Just the process of creating it makes you believe even more that everything you would like to have or experience you’ll get it by working on it and believing in it.
Make it nice and put it in a nice place in your apartment so every time you see it it can remind you and motivate you more!
We all know the quote ,, Everything you can imagine is real’’ P.Coelho and also ,, Believe you can and you are halfway there’’
Our mind is such a powerful tool – use it on a right way.

Let’s accomplish all of our goals for 2018!

And of course don’t forget:

Enjoy your coffee! ☕️



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