Celebrate LOVE

Hello my friends!

Here is one post Valentine’s day inspired post, which we spent in Benidorm in Spain.

Love is the feeling that I couldn’t live without. Love inspires me in so many different ways.

Love is food for the soul.

When I hear LOVE, my first association is my family, boyfriend, and friends. Of course, love for photography, music, art, food, animals, nature, people, life …etc.

When we feel loved and when we are surrounded by our loved ones that make us feel positive and happy and give us so much energy. Other kinds of love also make us feel better and  completely fulfilled.

It’s important to surround yourself with a positive people that you love ,to share beautiful thoughts and not just with people, be surrounded by  things that you love, from clothes, pictures, furniture anything that will make you feel happy.
Remember when you give love it will return to you twice, so give as much as you can without expecting anything in return.

In my opinion, love is unconditional and when you are giving some conditions to the other person, that is not a real love, because when we love someone we have to respect them and  their personality. That is all about love, give it unconditionally especially with your partner you need to know that is not all about you, it’s about both of you as a two different characters and feelings, wich will together make an explosion of love and happiness. We have to be happy when our loved ones are happy even if we are sometimes thinking different then them.
Most importantly – Don’t forget to love yourself! When you have a love for yourself then you will have so much more for the rest of the world. 🙂

Fall in love, spread love , feel the love!

Love is the best feeling in the world you just need to enjoy it,
and of course
Enjoy your coffee!☕

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