Belgrade coffee guide

Hello my friends!

As you know I am currently in Belgrade,enjoying time with friends and family 😊
Belgrade is my hometown and capital city of Serbia 🇷🇸 One of the things you can really enjoy here is great quality coffee for unbelievably amazing price! Believe it or not but one espresso cup in the city center will cost you 1e!!! For more special coffee like latte,cappuccino,mocha, or flavored coffee will cost you 1,5-3 eur!!!😍 Highlighting again – great quality of coffee ☕️
One of my favourite coffee places where I spend my time when in Belgrade are:

1. Kafeterija 


There are a lot of in the city but my favourite two are one in Kralja Petra street and one in Novi Beograd named Kafeterija Fontana 😊 They have all the amazing coffee types and you can personalize your own by choosing which type of coffee bean you would like to taste in your fav coffee cup!😍 Beside great quality their space is really photogenic and equipped in Scandinavian style, which become my fav after moving to Copenhagen 😍

2. Aviator coffee explorer


As the name says,here you can explore all the variations of coffee 😍 Enjoy the great taste,amazing service and great surroundings! Perfect place for us coffee lovers and travelers! Cabin crew prepare for great taste of coffee! ✈️ ☕️They also have many shops in the city but one I love the most is in the center in Kralja Milana street 😊

3. Kafa sutra


Thanks to my dear Ivana I discovered this cute small coffee shop in Novi Beograd with such a great passion for coffee! Coffee is super great!😍 I was thrilled what such a small but specialized coffee shop can offer! Here you can taste great combos fx. one holiday inspired is coffee with cinnamon and honey 🍯 What a mix! I prefer my coffee without sugar but sometimes you can spice it up and try something different! They will also male any latte art you ask them 😍☕️

These are just my current top 3, but there are sooo many, especially in the old tow like Przionica, Koffein, Lula fine espresso bar, Harmonia, Bistro bar, Coffee dream, Dolce by Tintolino…


Hope you will have a great time and coffee when you decide to visit Belgrade.

Merry Christmas to all my dear  friends who are celebrating today! Wish you a lot of love, peace and happiness with your loved ones!

Enjoy your coffee!

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