A day in Roskilde

Hello my friends!

We have visited former capital town of Denmark – Roskilde.
The city of Roskilde is only 35 km away from Copenhagen, and by train that is only 20-30 minute drive.


Roskilde was a capital town of Denmark until 15 century and today it is a city of Vikings, where you can sail trough the history and learn how they used their Viking ships and how they are made.

All of this you can explore in Vikings musem . It is located at the port of Roskilde which makes it even more attractive, where you can see all the reconstructed ships and the tools which are used in process of making.

The city has a lot of charming streets and most of them are cobblestone streets. While walking trough them you can feel the unique atmosphere and see all the houses which hasn’t change trough out the years.
On the main square in the city center you will be amazed by stunning Roskilde Cathedral.

The Cathedral is under UNESCO World heritage and it is the first Gothic Cathedral to be build of brick and it encourage the spread of the Brick Gothic style throughout Northern Europe.


I was super happy to be by the sea and to learn something new with my love.

Enjoy your coffee!  ☕

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