5 days in Belgrade

Hello my frends!

Hope you had an amazing day!

As you could see on my Instagram I spent 5 amazing days in Belgrade 😊

The reason why I have traveled there is that I could finally finish my studies and get my diploma! Since I moved to Copenhagen and then started working I didn’t really have time to go back home and finalize that, until now! 😊 Feels so good!

Besides that, I met my lovely girls and spent memorable moments with them! Missed that girls time! They are my true support and motivation. So grateful for that.

Also precious family moments.

The weather in Belgrade was amazing up to 28C, so my trip was like a prolonged summer vacation 😀

I came Friday and stayed until Wednesday, so on Sunday my Ivana and friend Ema went to a little trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina – Bijeljina. We went to the most beautiful etno village,, Stanisici’’ which I have already visited last year with my mum. Watch the video here.

This village is so beautiful, people are so kind, food is the best and prices are amazing! I would definitely recommend visiting this place! Perfect for a reset and relaxation, you will be in the middle of green heaven!

Quote of the day: ,, Keep the ones that heard you when you never said a word”


Enjoy your coffee!

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