What to pack in a Hospital bag?

Hello my friends!

As you could see from my Instagram post I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and super excited for the upcoming period! I am educating myself a lot about the whole birth preparation process, what is happening inside the womb with the baby in each week etc… I can tell you it is pretty cool and at the same time unreal what women’s body is capable for! Be super proud of your body!

Thankfully I have been really lucky with my pregnancy and so for no major symptoms or issues, of course there are some, mostly related to my lower back pain if I am sitting or standing still for a long time, but otherwise I am really enjoying the whole process and changing of the body.

Time flies and only 6 more weeks until my due date, but from week 37 it can happen any time which is craaaazy, so it is time to slowly prepare the hospital bag so we are ready if the little girl surprise us at anytime. 🙂

Here is what I am packing in my hospital bag

  • Toiletries (lip balm is super important)
  • Pregnancy journal
  • Snacks
  • Slippers
  • Pj’s
  • Clothes – comfortable and nice outfits
  • Phones/Chargers
  • Music speaker
  • Baby clothes

Our Hospital is providing a lot so we should bring only personal items and clothes. Make sure to check with your Hospital or midwife what they are offering so you don’t over-pack. The most important is to be comfortable, clean and have some fav snacks to kick in some extra energy if needed, which I guess it will be! Who knows how long labor can last so prepare yourself and your partner.

Stay positive and mindful! I believe everything will go well and nice so I am not afraid, actually really curious and excited about the moment/day that we will remember for the whole life! :)))))



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