Hello my friends! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine was more than perfect!

Friday morning, I have traveled to Munich, Germany to see my mum after such a long period of 6 months! (half a year!) This was the first time we didn’t see each other for so long and I missed her so much!

So, my flight was super early, 06:00 departure from Copenhagen which was not that great because of my hours of sleep, since I couldn’t even sleep how excited I was, but it was perfect because we had full day on Friday, Saturday and half Sunday. 😊

I arrived to Munich before 08:00 and I need to catch the train and travel to Prien am Chimsee where my mum is. 😊 I must say that connections are so good and Munich has amazing infrastructure, no way you can get lost because everything is so well organized and marked for you.

Finally, my mum and I met and that was a moment to remember! Prien am Chiemsee is one of the small towns in the Bavarian area of the lake Chimsee, so cute and I felt like in a German fairytale.

Houses are so cute with a lot of flowers and authentic windows. We had a nice lunch and coffee time by the lake while it was raining. It was a real hygge! Sharing the feelings and stories.

Next day we have visited Gstadt am Chiemsee which is only 2km walking from Breitbrunn am Chiemsee where we were located.

This walk was so nice! Roads trough the forest and beautiful landscapes with the lake view – so nice, peaceful and quiet. Nature is so stunning and rich in this area. We could find so many beautiful and delicious plums, appels, pears on the way.

If you are in this area make a coffee&waffle break at Bagel&Coffee Chimsee , they have so yummy waffels and amazing view!

In this area you can also explore castle of king Ludvig II which is located on the island, so you should take a ferry either from Prien or Gstadt. There are also two more island to explore one is Women’s Island (Fraueninsel) and one is Man’s(Herrenchiemsee) island.

Perfect weekend! Now I am getting ready for my next trip! I will be flying to Belgrade sooo stay tuned until next post from Belgrade! 🙂


Enjoy your coffee!

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