Succeed with your goals by the end of the year

Hello my friends! Long time no see…

I was thinking this time of the year is good to be back at blogging more often and therefore start the season with an inspirational post.

September is a great month to reflect on the past period and set up the goals you want to accomplish by the end of the year. This will help you stay positive and focused during cold and gloomy days.

One of the tricks I find useful are:  

  1. Writing down the list of things you’ve already accomplished – this will help you clarify your current stage in life and have better vision for the future. You will have an overview of the things that made and will make you fulfilled.
  2. Make sure you have real and achievable goals – It is important to analyze yourself so when setting up the goal you are sure it is achievable in the certain period. You will be able to see the result and it will motivate you to work harder.
  3. Create variety of goals – they can be related not only to work but also to your healthy habits, well-being, sport, art, your hobbies and some things that perhaps you would like to learn or introduce to your life by the end of the year.
  4. Be patient and persistent – this is the key, in order to achieve your goals, you have to go through all the good and bad, sometimes it will be hard, but always remember that it means you are a step closer. 😊
  5. Celebrate – when you reach the goal celebrate it! It is important to give yourself a credit and value all the work and time you put into it. Share it with your loved ones and create a nice little event. Great things are contagious.

Enjoy the day and your coffee! 🙂



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