A day in Malmö

Hello my friends!


Last Sunday my boyfriend and I went for a day trip to Malmö. It is really close to Copenhagen and by train from Copenhagen central station to Malmö city center it takes only 20minutes. 🙂 Why not to explore a new city? 😍

Chandelier at the central station

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, it has a beautiful Scandinavia architecture and a lot of cobblestone streets which makes this city so cozy. We were walking trought the main pedestrian zone called Södergatan which is full of beautiful coffee shops and we discovered amazing chocolate shop!Of course we stopped by ant we bought amazing 99% dark chocolate.You can just imagine the smell of the store! Literally I could live there!😂😋


We had a nice cappuccino and the cake in antique Hollandia cafe. Definitely check it out if you are coming to Malmö,it was soooo good!

When it was time for lunch we met our friends who are living in Malmö and we went to a Balkan restaurant,since they are also originally from Balkan. We had our famous cevapi with kajmak, delicious burek and for the dessert baklava and tulumba. I can just say that after this I was so full that it was even hard to breath😂 But it was worth it.

Then they showed us famous Turning torso. It was fascinating. One of the tallest buildings in Europe 190m. right next to the sea.

For the end we enjoyed beautiful sunset and cup of cafe Latte to celebrate official coffee day. 😊



Enjoy your coffee! ☕️




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